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Setting new standards for flooring

As a result of advanced technological research, this new flooring for public and private areas has changed the way we envision spaces, suggesting a more liberating and inspiring experience. Following the latest trends in flooring, Vinylcomfort is a new concept in Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) floating floors, surpassing existing gluedown floor solutions and other similar surfaces. Positioned as a forerunner in the vanguard of vinyl flooring for residential and commercial environments, Vinylcomfort combines a strong design element with the benefits of an innovative structure supported by a double cork layer.

The new Vinylcomfort collection has revolutionized the range of avant-garde flooring solutions by perfectly interpreting the textures and patterns of noble hardwoods, exotic stones and innovative materials, offering numerous choices in the creation of comfortable and distinctive atmospheres, achieving a perfect match between sustainability and breakthrough solutions.

A new era for vinyl flooring

With solid technological know-how in developing cork-based flooring, Wicanders® has innovated in the vinyl flooring market, presenting a pioneering product for home and commercial spaces.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, Vinylcomfort distinguishes from traditional glue-down LVT floors by presenting itself in a floating solution, being also superior to other existing vinyl floating solutions, due to a more advanced structure that incorporates an additional cork layer. The natural characteristics of cork provide greater walking comfort, as well as improved acoustic properties. The double cork layer alsflo plays a fundamental role in providing heat insulation, offering you unrivalled comfort with reduced energy costs, improving eco-efficiency.

Vinylcomfort's excellence is enhanced by the nobility of its visuals. Advanced techniques allowed the beauty and texture of various materials to be re-invented, resulting in a stylish collection. Furthermore, innovative features and dimensions, not available in similar competitor products, enriched even more this collection.

The advantages of this product are not limited to aesthetics, also inviting you to enjoy your time. Providing you with a fast and easy installation, it doesn't require a complex subfloor preparation or the use of adhesives that represent increased costs, time consumption and environmental harm.
From production to installation, Vinylcomfort stands out for its exceptional design and excellent performance.

Developed for homes, hotels, shops, offices and other locations where fashion, durability and cleanliness of the floor are decisive factors, this line exceeds all the expectations of interior designers, architects and builders. Surprising ambiences can be created at reasonable cost and within a short period of time. After installation, Vinylcomfort confirms its efficiency, ensuring many years of easy maintenance and proven resistance to wear and tear.