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Corkcomfort: an highlight of South Africa’s first "green hotel"

Hollow on The Square, M&B House is the first "green hotel" to open in Cape Town, South Africa.

It was designed by M&B Architects&Interiors based on eco-efficiency principles, and all the decoration materials reflect an inspiration on natural elements, making the hotel extremely comforting and welcoming.

This is the case with the Corkcomfort range, which provides the high degree of environmental performance that only cork can. Corkcomfort from Wicanders® has stood out from the other decoration elements, earning praise from a number of hotel customers.

A total of 310m2 of the Identity Spice product (HPS finish) was laid in the corridors of the 3 floors and elevators, 340m2 of the Identity Chestnut product (HPS finish) laid in the north-facing rooms of the second and third floors, and 150 m2 of the Linn Sepia product (WRT finish) was laid in the 10 rooms on the first floor.

The elegance of these materials and others used at the Hollow on The Square, M&B House, as well as the suave colours and sweeping and distinctive decoration supply a sense of total serenity, persuading visitors to enjoy an unforgettable stay.