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Woodcomfort floorings chosen for several projects in Turkey

The thermal and acoustic comfort and anti-vibrational properties of cork floorings, in conjunction with the modern and distinctive appearance of wood, make the Woodcomfort line one of the most sought after solutions for major international projects.

In Turkey, for example, a number of leading projects have requested this premium Wicanders® product line both for its cutting edge design and wide range of looks and finishes, and for the environmental benefits arising from the use of cork-based products.

In Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, 3 projects were recently carried out using Woodcomfort:

  • Titanic Hotel, by architect Asli Arikan Dayioglu of Metex Design Architecture Group, 300m2, product reference American Walnut.
  • Pierre Loti Hotel, by architect Yasar Vitas of Taksim Constructions Group, 100m2, product reference Mutene.
  • Zamane Kahvesi restaurant area, by Özlem Yalım Architecture Group, 290m2, product reference Hickory Rustic.

Also in Turkey, in Antalya, the Mob Mobilya Dekorasyon architecture group designed Sensimar Hotel, where a number of Woodcomfort products were installed, over a total area of 7000m2:

  • White Oak (5000m2);
  • American Walnut Plank Oak (1000m2) and White Oak Plank (1000m2).